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Spanish Courses in Malaga

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Málaga - Activities and Excursions

Spanish Course Excursions - Sevilla

Discover the attraction of Málaga

All E.I. students are invited and encouraged to participate in our annual program of cultural activities and excursions to towns and cities in Andalucía. Learn about Spanish culture and travel Spain while you learn Spanish abroad. You will discover the traditions, the monuments, countryside and lifestyle of the Andalusian people as well as visit some of the most important cities in the south of Spain such as Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada.

Orientation and Local sights

Every Monday there is an afternoon orientation for new students which includes a tour of the E.I. Malaga installations and the El Palo area, where the school building is located and where students will live.
Following the orientation, that same afternoon, all E.I. students may visit selected local historical and cultural sights of Malaga, such as:

La Catedral de Málaga: The Málaga Cathedral. Unfinished construction of a mixture of architectural styles (one tower still to be built) and located in the city center.
Castillo de Gibralfaro y Alcazaba: Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba Fortress. Two important monuments constructed in the times of the Muslem control of the city. Offers a very beautiful view of the city at dusk.
Jardín botánico: Botanical Gardens. A surprizing natural area where you can discover all types of tropical plants.
Museo-Casa natal de Picasso: Birthplace home and museum of Picasso. Visit the place where this artistic genius was born. Exhibitions of works from his early periods.
Plaza de toros de la Malagueta: Bullfighting Ring “la Malagueta”. One of the largest in Spain, which also has a bullfighting museum with exhibits related to the world of bullfighting.
Museo Municipal de Málaga: Museum of the city of Malaga. Frequent exhibits of well known artists.
Centro de Arte Contemporáneo: Center of Contemporary Art. Newly opened museum which exhibits works of 21st century.
Museo de artes y Costumbres Populares: Museum of Popular art and customs. Exhibits of typical objects and artifacts of the Malaga culture which gives us an interesting view of the local way of life.

There are a variety of activities planned for weekday afternoons

Spanish Course Activities - Making Paella Fiesta de Bienvenida
On the first day of a course there is a party to welcome new students, to which all E.I. students are invited. In this way the arriving students meet the ongoing students and are easily incorporated into the schools friendly atmosphere.

Fiesta de Graduación
Once per month on the last Friday of the course students get together to celebrate the last day of the course and receive their Certificates. Several classes present musical or theatrical presentations, followed by a party with a goodbye toast to the departing students.

Video at the E.I. Center
Opportunity to view Spanish films or international films dubbed in Spanish.

Cena Internacional
Informal dinner at a local restaurant. Usually typical Spanish cuisine, but occasionally a restaurant with another particular international cuisine or decoration.

Vamos de Tapas
Learn about the Spanish custom of going for “tapas” and try Spanish foods. Who could resist this delicious way to spend an afternoon!

Visita a una tetería
Savor a tasteful tea submerged in the wonderful ambiance of an Arabe style tea room, ideal for conversation, enjoying the sounds of ethnic music or listening to a story, fable or legend.

Cena Internacional en la playa
In the summer students get together at the beach to share meals from their home countries at an International dinner. Each student brings a typical dish and shares it with the rest.

Visita a una bodega
Visit to a winery where you discover the process of winemaking and can taste different wines of Malaga.

Noche malagueña
Malaga nightlife is interesting and intense. You visit popular bars and discos in the area.

Sample Calendar of Activities and Excursions
Calendars are subject to change. The calendar is posted on the bulletin board at the Center.

Spanish Course Excursions - Alhambra


Take full advantage of your spare time during the weekends, and travel to nearby cities with E.I. You can learn about Hispanic culture, as well as use your new Spanish language skills. An E.I. instructor or a guide accompanies the group and provides information about the places that you visit on the trip. The excursions provide that extra element to make your stay memorable and complete.

Spanish Course Excursions - Ronda

Typical Excursions from Malaga

Visit some of the most important towns near Malaga, such as: Marbella, Nerja y Ronda as well as typical Andalusian cities such as Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada, where you can discover the historical treasures of these cities.

Sample Calendar of Activities and Excursions  
Calendars are subject to change. The calendar is posted on the bulletin board at the Center.

Traveling on your own

Malaga’s commercial sea port, local trains and numerous inter-city bus lines allow students the possibility travel on your own to nearby places on weekends. The informed and friendly E.I. staff will help you plan your trips and to arrange all your travel details.

Courses with activity program included (Spain)

All E.I. students are invited and encouraged to participate in activities and excursions planned by the Spanish language school throughout the year. However if you are planning to study in Spain during the summer months and you want to have everything included right from the start, we suggest our Summer Spanish Programs. The Summer Intensive Spanish Course and the Summer Super-Intensive Spanish Course include at least 8 activities and 3 excursions in the price of a 4-week course.

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