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Salamanca - The city

Streets of Salamanca Salamanca Escuela Internacional offers Spanish language courses at Spanish schools in various cities in Spain. Salamanca is a city famous for its university and cultural tradition. It has a population of 180,000 inhabitants of which 40,000 are students. The University of Salamanca is considered to be one of the most prominent in Europe together with those in Paris, Oxford and Bologna Universities. Many important historical figures have been associated with the university such as Antonio de Nebrija, Fray Luis de León and Miguel de Unamuno. Because of the city’s rich history and culture, UNESCO has named Salamanca a “Cultural Heritage City” and in 2002 the city was named the European Cultural Capital.

Visiting Salamanca you will discover its charms which enchant the hearts of millions of Spaniards and foreigners alike.

Salamanca, Spain At first glance Salamanca fills your vision with the artistic beauty of a grouping of historical buildings and a variety of architectural styles from pre-Roman periods to the most current tendencies. The Villamayor stone used to construct the majority of these buildings creates a harmony along the streets and gives a golden tone to the city as the sunlight reflects on them at dawn or dusk. Quietly contemplating the new and old Cathedral, or simply strolling through the Plaza Mayor and the narrow streets of the city center past the the House of Shells, you can enjoy the marvelous sensation of traveling to a remote past. Among the more modern constructions are the Exposition and Convention Center, museums, galleries and cinemas. Those with a love for history and art will treasure this cultural city. Learn to speak Spanish quickly and efficiently in this beautiful city.


Plaza Mayor, Salamanca Cathedral of Salamanca Salamanca will also capture your heart and spirit. The warmth of its people and the open festive student atmosphere of this cosmopolitan university city will make it easy to meet people of all ages and nationalities. An ample variety of cafes, tapas bars, and discos, frequented by Spanish and international students alike, offer the perfect ambiance for any time of day. Conversing over coffee in the afternoon at one of the outdoor terraces in the Plaza Mayor you can see families walking with their children. At night, at these same cafes, students dressed as “tunas” with guitars sing and animate the evening for the people gathered there.

Along with all of Salamanca’s charm it is important to note that Salamanca is thought to be the ideal city to study the Spanish language, as it forms part of the Castilla and Leon region, considered to be the historic cradle of Castillian Spanish. Your stay here also allows easy travel to other cities in the region such as Ávila, Valladolid and Segovia. And if you like, you can also venture to the neighboring country of Portugal just 120 kilometers away. You can learn Spanish at our Spanish language school in the beautiful city of Salamanca, Spain!

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I am very pleased that I made the decision to study with Escuela Internacional. The classes have a really nice Spanish Student in Malaga atmosphere, and the teachers are very kind."
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