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Practical Guide, Mexico

Mexico is a place that must be explored: an unforgettable experience that enters your soul.

Mexico, home to thousand year old civilizations, always surprising and magical, awaits students, with glorious colonial cities, beautiful countryside, and friendly people. In Mexico you can go from the most dense jungle, to the dessert; and from a volcanic zone, to the unequaled beaches of the Caribbean.

Mexico is also a country with much cultural and historic interest. From the high central plains to the Pacific coast, numerous civilizations have left their mark in this country, even before the Europeans discovered that the Earth was round.


Mexico has a tropical climate year round, with temperatures that range from 18º-29º C.


You will need light clothing of natural fibers throughout the year. A sweater may be useful for winter nights. Shorts and bathing suits are perfect for the beach. When you visit archeological sites, we recommend comfortable shoes and a hat for the sun.


The national currency is the Peso. In tourist cities, American dollars are accepted. See the price list of basic food items, transport,... to compare with those of your home country.


Mexican cuisine is one of the most varied and delicious in the world. Corn tortillas and re-fried beans are the basic elements. You can try meat dishes such as “tacos al pastor” accompanied by sauces (somewhat spicy) and guacamole, salads, vegetables and a large variety of delicious fruit. Mexico is also a country rich in fish and seafood. Octopus, squid, shrimp and snails, served with squeezed lemon are specialties here. You will certainly want to try the lobster and grilled fish. You will also find many kinds of national and international restaurants.


In Mexico, you can obtain marvelous pieces of local arts and crafts in ceramics, baskets, leather and fabric. It is also the best place to buy silver. The first thing you will notice in making your purchases is that in Mexico, the price marked is only the beginning of a grand adventure, because you will always have the opportunity to barter.