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Learn Spanish Abroad

Learn Spanish in Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica. Escuela Internacional Spanish Language Schools 
offer quality Spanish courses to improve your Spanish language skills quickly and effectively. When you study Spanish abroad with E.I. in Spain you can choose from a variety of Spanish language schools located in wonderful cities with much to explore.
Learn Spanish in Spain
Study Abroad at Spanish School in Spain: Alcalá de Henares Spanish in Alcalá de Henares
Effective Spanish courses in Spain in a historic city, birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes. Learn Spanish in Alcalá.
Spanish courses in Spain: Salamanca Spanish courses in Salamanca
Participate in Spanish language courses at the Spanish school in Salamanca and learn Spanish in Spain. Visit Spain, learn Spanish language, culture and history.
Learn Spanish in Spain with courses in Malaga Spanish courses in Malaga
Spanish courses in Spain at the Malaga location offer the perfect combination of learning Spanish abroad and a beachside vacation.
Learn Spanish in Latin America
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica with quality Spanish courses Spanish courses in San Rafael (Costa Rica)
The Spanish school is surrounded by extensive tropical gardens. Enjoy studying Spanish in quality Spanish courses in a peaceful natural setting.
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica with quality Spanish courses Spanish courses in Tamarindo (Costa Rica)
Learn Spanish at a Spanish school in a rainforest setting, just minutes walking from the beach. Combine your Spanish study with surf lessons!
Spanish courses at Spanish language school in Mexico Spanish courses in Cuernavaca (Mexico)
Study Spanish at the Cuernavaca Spanish school with intensive Spanish instruction. Learn Spanish language and Mexican culture in a colonial city
Spanish in Playa del Carmen (Mexico)
Playa del Carmen offers you the chance to study Spanish in an historic area surrounded by Mayan ruins, and enjoy its famous beaches on the Caribbean.


Spanish Cultural Activities
Learn Spanish Abroad and learn Spanish culture with activites and excursions The Cultural activities and excursions program planned by Spanish schools throughout the year enhances Spanish learning. Learn about Spanish culture and travel while you learn to speak Spanish.

Click here to learn more about Activities and Excursions during Spanish study abroad.


Spanish Courses
Attend Spanish courses in Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica. You can learn to speak Spanish well in any situation. E.I. Spanish study abroad   

programs are designed so that you learn Spanish quickly in small classes where you will receive plenty of personal attention. There are 19 different Spanish courses to choose from.
Summer Intensive Spanish Course + activities
Summer Super Intensive Spanish Course

High School Summer Spanish abroad
Course for Spanish teachers
DELE Exam Preparation

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Spanish Culture

Don Quixote
de la Mancha

Discover La Mancha, the land of El Quijote. Learn about the novel Don Quijote de la Manchacelebrating its four hundredth anniversary in 2005. More...

Spanish Literature
Highlighting great works and authors in Spanish Literature. History of Spanish literature and Spanish Literaturemodern authors like Almudena Grandes or Isabelle Allende. More...

Spanish Provinces & Cities
Discover cities in Spain, like Segovia, each with their special charm. Spanish Provinces and CitiesOr learn about the region of Andalucia. More...

Spanish Festivals
Spaniards love to celebrate. Learn about  festivals and holidays in Spain. Learn how Spanish Holidays and Festivals in SpainSpain celebrates Christmas or Easter Week. More...

Typically Spanish
Spanish Cuisine
Distinguished Spaniards
Salamanca Plaza Mayor
Escuela Internacional Newsletter
If you would like to stay in contact with Escuela Internacional Spanish language schools, you will find information about Spanish culture and traditions in each edition of our newsletter. You also receive information about fiestas and special events, as well as news about our schools. Sign up now to receive a copy of  recibir  "Spain News" by e-mail.


Plan your Gap Year Abroad in Spain
Plan a year abroad in Spain learning
Spanish language and culture.

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