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Student recommendations

These are a few of the things that past students have had to say. If you would like to personally contact one of our former students, please contact us and we will provide you with the name and contact information for someone that speaks your language whenever possible.

Maria Caluag

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"I had to learn Spanish in order to advance in my career.  I chose to do the Annual Course with Escuela Internacional in order to learn Spanish. The classes are very fun and interesting and my teachers make an extra effort to bring everything that the students need to the classroom so that we can improve.   I have made progress thanks to the quality of instruction and the methodology used at the school.  Moreover, the experience of living with a Spanish family has been fantastic. I am very satisfied with the course."  

USA, 28 years old,
Social worker

Terry McCann

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"I'm a beginner, so it's difficult to understand everything in class, however, the professors are extremely patient and make the class fun. The people in the office are very nice and are ready to help you. Malaga is a great city next to the sea, the center is very old and interesting. The best of all is that it's all located in Spain!"

Great Britain, 39 years old,

Ana Imai

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"I was very nervous before arriving to Spain.  But now I am living happily because the classes are very pleasant, the instructors are friendly, and I have made many friends here at the school. 

Japan, 22 years old, Student

Estelle Gusejnow

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
Learning Spanish at Escuela Internacional means experiencing and practicing Spanish extensively. Now, I speak much better than before coming, and also, I am very content because the instructors are always interested in your needs and they give you lots of support.  I will always cherish the good memories and new friendships that I have made (here). I am very glad that I came to study Spanish with Escuela Internacional."

Germany, 22 years old, Student


Ellen General

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"Escuela Internacional is a very nice school, where the teachers have taught me so much during the three months that I have been studying here.  Students come from all over the world, and I have really enjoyed the activities that we have done together, particularly going out for tapas.  Spain is a very beautiful country, and each day, I have very pleasant experiences.  

Holland, 18 years old, Student

Sonia Maria Gonçalves

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"Time here at the school passes very quickly. In Salamanca, you can find E.I., and you will see that their professionalism is impressive.  The teachers are very kind and well trained.  Students learn quickly, and the activities outside of the classroom and cultural excursions help tremendously to improve the language.  It is a pleasure, a very nice experience, to study with incredible people, in the midst of so many world cultures.

Brazil, 48 years old, teacher

Victoria Sauveplane

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
"Escuela Internacional allows you to experience an interesting and diverse world.  First, in the classes, you learn quickly in a nice atmosphere that explains Spanish culture, the food, the pace of life, and the celebrations.  And secondly, I have met people from all over the world.  It is an experience that you will always remember. 

Canada, 16 years old, Student

Christian Jensen

Spanish Student in SalamancaCommentary:
“The environment of Escuela Internacional is absolutely incredible. The teachers are very open and my desire to learn has grown with each day. The city is marvelous as well, with the celebrations, the culture, the sports...  Salamanca has it all.  But for me it is a pleasure to be here, and I doubt that there is any other place in the world like this. I am very fortunate because I can enjoy being in an international environment and learn Spanish at the same time. 

Poland, 19 year old, Student


Martin Fahy

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
I am very pleased that I made the decision to study with Escuela Internacional.  The classes have a really nice atmosphere, and the teachers are very kind.  They prepare their classes very well, and employ a variety of resources so that students can learn and have fun at the same time.   The excursions as well as the cultural activities have helped me a bunch, and have made it possible for me to make many friends from many different countries.  Without a doubt, I am delighted to recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Spanish."

Ireland, 37 years old, programmer

Sandrine Prieur

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"I believe that it is very good that the teachers only speak Spanish.  The culture classes are very interesting and give us information about the rich Spanish culture.  The city is very pleasant, the sun is marvelous, the beach excellent, the celebrations are fun, etc. I recommend coming to study Spanish at Escuela Internacional to everyone."

France, 18 years old,

Eleonora Bianchetti

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
I am enjoying my course very much. In class, I have to speak Spanish, and this is very important. The teachers are very nice, and the lessons are not at all boring.  There are many interesting activities, and also, lots of time to go to the beach, downtown, and for relaxing. My host family is very kind, and they are always ready to speak Spanish with me. I don't want to return to my home in Italy!"

Italy, 20 years old, Student

Ivy Cherryll Ong

Spanish Student in Alcala Commentary:
"From the day that I arrived to Escuela Internacional, I made many friends from different countries.  Living in this cosmopolitan environment is very interesting because we can speak about our culture and our experiences in Spanish.  This way, we are constantly learning many things.  Also, I have learned much about Spanish life because we  participate in a variety of excursions and there are many celebrations that we can attend. Thanks to Escuela Internacional, I have experienced several marvelous weeks in Spain."

The Philippines, 23 years old, -Student


Justine Czora

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"I like the school because the lessons are well divided. In the morning, grammar, and after a break, composition and conversation. Classes end at 1 o'clock, and afterwards, you have lots of time to go to the beach and do other activities. The school's accommodations are very pretty, and they are also close to the school."

France, 20 years old,

Jitka Velenska

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"The teachers at Escuela Internacional prepare classes very well, and do many fun activities with students.  In this way, we learn Spanish easily, and in a very upbeat atmosphere. Additionally, in the afternoons, we can watch movies, go out for tapas, or get to know Spanish culture.  On weekends, we visit nearby cities, with one of our teachers as a guide. The teachers also have fun surprises for the students, and the relationship with them is truly wonderful. I really like Escuela Internacional. I hope to return soon."

Czech Republic, 49 years old,
Spanish teacher

Charlie Lenier

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
I love Escuela Internacional. The teachers create a fun atmosphere, great for learning Spanish. I have made friends from many different countries, and I have had a marvelous cultural experience. I will never forget my time in Spain, in this school, and in this city."

USA, 21 years old, Student

Charles Loller

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"Escuela Internacional is the only school in which you really learn Spanish.  The subjects that are addressed in classes are interesting, real, and very practical, and the teachers always present them with much dedication and inspiration.  During my time at EI, I learned so much about Spain, and improved my Spanish a great deal. Moreover, in the excursions, my questions about Spanish history and culture were answered. The teachers at Escuela Internacional have always motivated me to continue learning because they always have a smile for the students."

USA, 27 years old


Marc Rickert

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"I am very pleased with the classes because I have learned quite a bit in one week about the Spanish language, people, and culture. The teachers prepare the classes very well, and are very nice. I can speak often in classes. There are many activities and excursions that one can do in the free time."

Germany, 31 years old,
Physical Education Teacher

Federico Castagna

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
I came to Escuela Internacional with the objective of learning Spanish, of becoming familiar with the culture of this country, and also to meet new friends. I can say that I really enjoyed the course, it was completely in keeping with what I wanted, and it was well organized.  At Escuela Internacional, the classes are very interesting, and you can learn and have fun at the same time with both the teachers and classmates. The teachers are professional, and in conclusion, this experience was very positive for me. I want to return, in order to continue improving my Spanish at Escuela Internacional."

Italia, 31 years old, Engineer

Melanie Wijnands

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
I really like the school.  I have learned quite a bit in just 2 weeks. I plan on returning next year. The teachers are very nice and there are students from different countries in the classes. I live in a pretty apartment the is close both to the school and to the beach. The city of Malaga is very nice, and the nightlife is incredible."

Holland, 19 years old, Student

Adrienne Baksh

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
The classes are very intensive and fun. I can learn a lot in very little time. During the program, I've had time to explore the city. Malaga is very pretty, it is a city that everyone should get to know and enjoy. I think that everyone should have to study in a foreign country before they are 20 years old."

USA, 19 years old, Student


Martin Mäusezahl

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
Before coming to Escuela Internacional, I could only speak a little bit of Spanish, but after just two weeks here, I can express myself quite well.  In the classes, I have learned Spanish in a very fun way. The instructors, additionally, are also friends and companions.  They are always willing to help with both the culture and the language so that our time in Spain is very pleasant. At Escuela Internacional, I have learned a great deal of Spanish in a natural way, without having to make a great effort."

Germany, 24 years old, Student

Bastian Manz

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"Learning Spanish at Escuela Internacional is very different from learning it at my school in Germany. The classes are very small, and the teachers only speak Spanish.  At this school, you learn very quickly, especially about the language, something that is advantageous for speaking with other Spaniards in the street. In conclusion, I think that my two weeks here are more important for my Spanish than all of the last year at my school in Germany."

Germany, 14 years old,

Pierre-Charles Tardif

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
"The professors are very friendly and are always ready to help the students. The different levels help us to learn the Spanish language quickly, and at the same time, we can travel to other cities and participate in the excursions and in the activities outside of class with students from many different countries in the world."

Canada, 21 years old, Student

Yuan Xu

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
I have studied at Escuela Internacional for two months. Before, I only spoke a little bit of Spanish, because, for us Asians, it is very difficult. The classes at Escuela Internacional have many different activities, and by means of the games, which employ different linguistic resources, my Spanish has improved enormously, and now I can speak much more.  The professors are very kind, and their classes are very fun. Another thing that I like a lot is that the classmates and the professors, we are like a family. I really like Spain and Escuela Internacional!"



Sandra Meier

Spanish Student in MalagaCommentary:
"I had looked for a course in Spain, I chose Escuela Internacional and it was a marvelous experience. I liked the professors a lot. Studying in the Madrid area was fantastic because the people speak very clearly and it is easy to understand. Before studying with E.I. I studied for 6 months in a university but it was very difficult. At Escuela Internacional I progressed very quickly. I lived with a very nice family and in about 2 months I learned much more than I had learned previously in Germany. My use of Spanish is very good now and what's more important, I am more confident when I speak the language."

Germany, 18 years old, Student

Kumiko Miyatani

Spanish Student in AlcalaCommentary:
"At Escuela Internacional, the teachers prepare the classes well to be able to teach in a fun and practical way. They make an effort to bring games to class so we can work on different topics we are learning. The teachers speak clearly and explain the lessons in simple language that gives the students the confidence they need. For that reason your Spanish improves every day!! Besides since there are students from different countries in class, we talk about so many different topics and naturally you widen your horizons. Studying at Escuela Internacional has been a marvelous experience for me.

Japan, 20 years old,


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