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Why Learn Spanish?

Why learn Spanish?
There are many reasons why people learn Spanish. Our Spanish language schools make it easier and more enjoyable to learn Spanish in Spain. Below you can see some of the reasons why the Spanish language and culture has become so popular as well as some facts about the language.

· Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide and is official language in 21 countries, with over 330 million native speakers.
· In USA alone there are more than 30 million native Spanish speakers and it is the number is still increasing.
· Spanish is an official language in many international organizations (i.e. United Nations, GATT, etc.) and is widely used in the world of art and tourism.
· If you learn to speak Spanish you will be able to better understand the Spanish/ Latin American cultures, which has made some of the greatest contributions to the world of art and literature.
-Just to mention a few famous artist there are Goya, Picasso, Miró and Dali and authors like Cervantes, Garcia Marques and Isabel Allende have made a great contribution to the world of literature.
· The improvements in the Spanish and the South American economies in the last decades and the opening to the south of the American trading association (NAFTA) is making Spanish an even more important language in the world of business
· The Spanish culture is inviting: over 55 thousand students visit Spain each year.
Learning Spanish in Spain

Why Learn Spanish in Spain?

Spanish Students in Spain

It's faster and easier.
When you learn Spanish in Spain, where the language you want to learn is spoken, you learn Spanish language at a much faster pace, as you are hearing and communicating in the language all day long instead of just a few hours a week in class. You’ll learn Spanish much faster (with less effort) than you would at home, because you are constantly surrounded by native speakers of the language. On average, students studying a language where the it is spoken learn as much in one month abroad as they do in one semester of study in their home country. Our Spanish language schools are located in cities where students get a chance to practice and learn Spanish in an everyday environment.

It's more effective.
In the classroom teachers will focus on improving your vocabulary and your understanding of the Spanish language and from day one everything is done in Spanish. When you learn Spanish in Spain it is so much more effective because you live in the country and therefore continue learning Spanish all day long by doing normal things such as shopping, going to the movies or a restaurant and speaking in Spanish!

It's more fun.
It is more motivating to learn Spanish in Spain because you learn while having a friendly conversation, participating in cultural or sport activities or by going out at night with new friends. It’s certainly not boring and you will find it is much easier to learn Spanish.

Why learn Spanish abroad?
Being able to study a foreign language in the country where it is spoken is a great advantage, which allows you to immerse yourself in the language and the culture. As you improve language skills and expand your knowledge of this new place, you make your own place in the world a little larger. You view the world in a different manner and include yourself in a group of people that consider themselves citizens of the world. There is no substitute for living and studying in a foreign country if you want to gain in-depth knowledge of another culture's customs, people, and language.

Grow and learn:
Study abroad is an experience which matures you personally and intellectually. Being exposed to new ways of thinking and living, results in personal growth and independence. Students generally return home with more confidence in themselves and pride in what they have achieved.
Broaden your horizons. Study abroad can broaden your intellectual horizons and deepen your knowledge and understanding of international, political, and economic issues. Return from your trip abroad with a more informed and accurate perspective on world affairs. You will probably also gain a broader understanding of, and appreciation for, your own home country, its way of life, and its role in international affairs.
Graduating from your Spanish Course

Boost your employment prospects:
Study abroad can also enhance your employment prospects, especially in the fields of business, international affairs, and government service. More and more employers seek graduates who have studied abroad because they know that students who have completed study abroad are likely to have international knowledge and awareness and often second-language skills.
Your Goals and Reasons There are many possible benefits of foreign studies but the most important reason to study abroad is your own reason. Your own goals may include, learning or perfecting a second language. Or maybe you want to learn about another culture, or travel and meet new people. It’s a good idea to write down some of your ideas and goals and share them with a professor or your family. They can help you in choosing the right program for you, and also keep your focus when abroad.

Would you like to learn Spanish in Spain?
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“The environment of Escuela Internacional is absolutely incredible. The teachers are Spanish Student in Salamanca very open and my desire to learn has grown with each day."
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