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Costa Rica - San Rafael de Coronado

Costa Rica You can learn to speak Spanish at the E.I. Spanish language school in Costa Rica. The language school is located in the small and scenic community of San Rafael de Coronado. At an elevation of 1383 meters above sea level, Coronado is a safe and tranquil city of 60,000 people. Located in the central valley of Costa Rica, Coronado borders the southern part of the Braulio Carillo Nature Reserve and is just 10 kilometers north of Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose. Studying Spanish in Coronado combines peaceful small town surroundings with easy access to the modern conveniences, culture and excitement of San Jose. You can learn Spanish while you explore natural surroundings and enjoy outdoor adventure.

History of San Rafael de Coronado

San Rafael de Coronado, Costa Rica The natives of the Costa Rican Central Valley during pre-Columbian times were the “Huetares.” During the period of time of the arrival of the Spaniards, Coronado’s actual location, including San Rafael was an important Huetar site known to the locals as “Toyopan” and governed by Chief Yorusti. Archaeological research proves that this territory was a sacred center and place for worship where ceremonies, prayer, religious celebrations and sacrifices took place.

During pre-Columbian times this territory was very populated and reached a high cultural level. Among the pieces found in archaeological digs are impressive stone ceremonial tables or altars of a high artistic quality. These altars were dedicated to the God of the Rain. In addition natural polychrome and nephrite pottery has also been found in the San Rafael region. These artifacts and more can be seen today in the National Museum.

San Rafael de Coronado Today

Coronado represents a typical Costa Rican Central Valley community characterized by a laid-back lifestyle and kind, friendly people. It is nationally recognized for its Neo-Gothic Cathedral, built in 1930 that stands out above the rest of the architecture of Coronado.

San Rafael Within Coronado a variety of businesses and services are available. These include restaurants, supermarkets, a Sunday morning fruit and vegetable market, banks (ATM machines), and Internet cafes. Throughout the year there are a several local and national holidays and events you can keep in mind while planning your course. These include the ‘Agricultural Fair,’ the last week of April, the ‘Festival of the Environment’ celebrated every year in June, the ‘Independence Celebration,’ taking place during the second week in September, and ‘Popular Festivities’ in November.

Students can take advantage of Coronado’s close proximity to the capital city of San Jose by taking day trips to visit. Public bus transportation is available from Coronado to the San Jose city center. Buses leave every 10 to 15 minutes from the main bus station in Coronado. The buses run daily from 5:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. The price is around .50 cents and the trip takes about 40 minutes.

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