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Do I need a student Visa?

In general, most students can enter Spain up to 90 days without a student Visa. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a Visa you can ask Escuela Internacional.
A student Visa is required for any study program in Spain that will have a duration of 90 days or longer. This means that if you are planning to stay and study in Spain for more than 12 weeks, you will need to apply for a student Visa.

Some students may need a Visa to enter Spain for any period of time.

How do I apply for a student Visa?

1. The most important thing to remember is that there are certain countries that have special requirements for requesting and obtaining a student visa. You should follow the process below to make sure you acquire all information regarding your situation.
a. Check with the Spanish Embassy nearest you to consult your situation and inquire if any special requirements need to be met. You should contact the Embassy at lest 60 days before your departure since many embassies are requiring this amount of time to process Visa requests.
b. Request that a Visa application form and any additional papers that are necessary be sent to your home.
c. Enroll with Escuela Internacional and pay the registration fee.
d. Advise Escuela Internacional that you will be applying for a student Visa and that you require a Certificate of Enrollment.
e. Notify Escuela Internacional of any special or additional requirements that need to be met in your particular case.
f. Wait for everything to arrive in the mail and then fill out the forms and apply for the visa.

2. Once Escuela Internacional receives your enrollment form, payment of registration fees and course fees, we will send you a Registration Confirmation and a Certificate of Enrollment. A copy can be sent by email but you will need the original copies that we will send by post. The Certificate of Enrollment is the document required by the Spanish Embassy in most countries in order to obtain a student visa. This document indicates evidence that you are enrolled in a course and will state your name, the course, and the dates of study. It is signed by the director and has the school seal.
We can send these papers by express mail (Fed-Ex or DHL) upon request. The price of shipping should be paid by the student before we will send the documents. Please contact us for express mailing prices.

E.I. will send the basic Certificate of Enrollment, which indicates evidence of enrollment, accommodation address, and the dates of study. This document also indicates any payments made. At that time, we will inform you of any specific requirements for individuals of your nationality that we are aware of. If you need more specific information to be included in the visa application, please contact us with the details.

NOTE: Rules and regulations for Student Visas are constantly changing. We highly suggest that you contact your nearest Consulate immediately to ensure that you have all of the necessary paperwork and that you will have enough time to submit your application.

3. Once you receive the necessary documents by mail, your next action will be to solicit the visa from the Embassy, presenting them with the filled out Visa application form, certificate of enrollment and any other additional documents that may be required. The Embassy will require the original Certificate of Enrollment with signature and seal. In some countries it is possible to start the process with a faxed copy of the documents, presenting the originals at a later date. You may want to consult this option with the Embassy if there is limited time before the start date for your course.

Please note that although Escuela Internacional will gladly assist you in the process of obtaining a student visa, we can only work within the guidelines and requirements of each Spanish Embassy in the corresponding country. The officials at each Embassy make all decisions regarding granting visas to students. E.I. can have no influence over their decisions. 

In the event that a student visa is denied after full payment of the program has been received by Escuela Internacional, the school will reimburse the full cost of course and accommodations.

The registration fee is non-refundable. However, should you reapply within one year and obtain the visa to be able to attend a course, you will not need to pay an additional registration fee.