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About E.I.

 Who is E.I.?  Objectives  Student Profile  Teachers and Methodology

Teachers and Methodology

Progressive Learning

Learn Spanish  from Escuela Internacional's Spanish language schools in Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica. Our teachers use the most innovative methodology to help you learn Spanish quickly and effectively.

Since 1988, E.I. Centers have been investigating and developing the latest innovative methods in teaching Spanish. Currently, we are using the communicative teaching method in the programs at our Spanish language schools. The activities and exercises undertaken in class are practical and focus on the development of oral and written expression based on real language communications.

Spanish CourseEscuela Internacional’s levels allow for a range of student development from elementary level to advanced language skills. On the first day, all students take a Placement Test and are placed in the level that best fits their needs and abilities. Right from the beginning, students progress very rapidly since they are in constant, daily contact with the Spanish language. Students learn Spanish in the natural environment of the language.

The programs as well as the contents of every course are evaluated by the Director of the Center in coordination with the Director of Studies and are in accordance with E.I. regulations. Our instructors have successfully tested all educational materials at E.I. with students from more than 35 different nationalities. Our language schools in Spain, Costa Rica and Mexico offer this high quality level of of study.

Spanish Professors A 3 month intensive course at E.I. is equivalent to almost 3 years of study (2 hours a week) in your own country. Your immersion in Spanish language and culture, combined with the quality of E.I. courses, will help you from the very first day. The best way to learn a language is to speak, listen, read and think it as much as possible. In the E.I. schools, this can be done in a fun and creative way.

We offer courses year round. If you already have some knowledge of Spanish, you can begin any Monday. If you are a complete beginner, and are going to study in Spain, we recommend that you start at the beginning of a course.

Communicative Method

A large part of the classroom material is presented in the form of practical activities and exercises through which you will learn to understand and speak Spanish almost without noticing. This is what is called, the communicative method. The teacher sets up a situation that students are likely to encounter in real life. Through the progression of the classroom activities students learn to communicate in meaningful ways about meaningful topics with guidance from the teacher.

The communicative teaching method works by placing you in real life situations encountered in everyday life. Unlike other methods of language teaching that rely on repetition and drills, the communicative method is lively, varied and full of possibilities since the emphasis is placed on communication. The key to this method is the constant interaction between the student and the teacher or between pairs or groups of students.

Our program consists of creative classroom activities based on real-life situations combined with grammatical reinforcement. The practical and creative activities helps students use the structures learned and gives them confidence to speak in the new language. Lessons are structured so that you will first acquire the new vocabulary and grammatical structures through examples and practice in structured exercises. Then you practice the new concepts in group or pair activities which are patterned after real communicative situations. The instructors coordinate lessons in such a way that you are encouraged to actively participate.
See Lesson content and structure.

Spanish Class

Motivational Instructors with Experience in Education

The success of any language school stems from the quality of the teachers and the methods they employ. That is why E.I. counts on a team of enthusiastic professionals with experience in education. Experts in motivating, all the teachers are native speakers and hold degrees from the best universities. With our effective communicative methods and the active participation of teachers in the extensive E.I. Activity Program, we guarantee you a memorable and successful experience in whichever city you choose.

Unique E.I. In-house Training in Spain

New E.I. instructors complete special in-house Teacher’s Seminars to study the methods used in Escuela Internacional. In these seminars they learn that linguistic progress is dependent upon many factors and that people from different countries have distinct learning obstacles. They are shown how to overcome these barriers so that students can progress more rapidly and effectively.

Educational Materials And Teaching Resources

Materials for your Spanish Course All students receive instructional materials on the first day of the course. These materials may be composed of published textbooks, as well as instructional units, workbooks and other materials, which have been created by the teaching staff of the school. Our instructors have access to a wide range of the very latest learning resources, including the latest in language teaching technology and course materials especially tailored for the needs of international students.

A wide range of educational materials, teaching resources and realia are used in E.I. classes. E.I. has a library of materials, which are used by our professors in preparing lessons. Here is a sampling of the variety of materials that are used in addition to the textbook each student receives.

Supplementary textbooks, Other grammar texts, Dictionaries and other References, Methodology, Classroom activity ideas

Spanish films, Other films dubbed in Spanish, Videos with cultural content, Video taping of class presentations

Cassettes of published text materials, which include conversations and other listening activities; Popular songs; Radio broadcasts

Materials Created By Escuela Internacional:
Workbooks for Composition classes, Workbooks for Superior Spanish Course, Workbooks for Culture Classes, Teacher's Guides with references to accompany published texts used in Vocab./Grammar Classes, Exam database, File of images, Real life activities / Impact activities

Continuous Evaluation of Progress in Spain

The professors continuously monitor the students’ progress. With a test every week, the student will notice her/his improvement and the instructor can easily see which areas need reinforcement. On completion of the program, or at the end of each month's course, the instructor will give the student a Grade Card that indicates her/his progress in learning the language.

E.I. Certificates

Spanish Students1. Certificate of Attendance.
This certificate is given to all the students who regularly attend classes. It certifies that the student has attended Escuela Internacional.

2. Certificate of Honor.
It is given to those students who obtain the highest grade (10) in each level.

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"Time here at the school passes very quickly. In Salamanca, you can find E.I., and you will see that their professionalism is impressive."  Spanish Student in Alcala
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