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About E.I.

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WELCOME TO ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL! Directors of E.I. Spanish Language Schools

20 years prove Escuela Internacional to be a leading organization among schools that teach Spanish as a second language

E.I. offers students the possibility of following a course program in one of the Spanish schools located in Spain and in Latin America, Mexico and Costa Rica. We are certain you will enjoy spending a few weeks with us, whichever destination you may choose.

Why learn Spanish at Escuela Internacional?
When considering any and all aspects of a study abroad program, Escuela Internacional puts a special emphasis on organization, preparation and personal attention for each and every student. Also, since each school is medium-sized, we can maintain a comfortable, fun, family atmosphere for our students.

What makes us stand out from other schools?
E.I. schools provide serious Spanish course instruction at qualified schools. We demand the highest level of professionalism and organization, in language teaching as well as in the administration. The result being that E.I. schools exceed the quality norms of their country.

Outstanding language teaching at E.I. schools is due to the excellent coordination among the professors and the studies coordinators. Making use of an internal website, we are continually developing and revising didactic materials and communicative activities. There are also frequent didactic seminars for the professors. This organizational effort allows the professors to approach each lesson with enthusiasm and concentrate on helping each student to improve his/her level of Spanish in the most effective way.

E.I. schools are located in cities in which students can learn about the authentic way of life in each city. In Spain you may choose to study in the cities of Salamanca, Malaga and Madrid-Alcalá de Henares; and in Latin America between San José and Tamarindo in Costa Rica; and Cuernavaca and Playa del Carmen in Mexico. They are safe, medium- sized, university cities where students can walk from their accommodations to the schools and easily get together with friends in the afternoons.

If you decide to come to Escuela Internacional we are certain you will have a memorable experience; you will reach your goal of learning Spanish together with other students from all over the world and be able to experience Spanish life first hand, making friends, trying new foods, learning about the festivals, ambiance, light and color of this special country.

We hope to welcome you soon to one of the Escuela Internaiconal Spanish schools.

Luis Cebollada
Director Escuela Internacional


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