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Useful Vocabulary and Phrases

Arrival Alcalá de Henares

“Quiero bajar en Canillejas, por favor”. (I would like to get off at Canillejas)

“Tren de Cercanías” (Local train)
"Ida a Alcalá de Henares, por favor." (One way to Alcalá de Henares.)
"¿A qué hora sale el próximo tren para Alcalá de Henares?" (When does the next train for Alcalá de Henares leave?)
"¿De qué andén sale?" (Which number platform does it leave from?)
"¿A qué hora llega a Alcalá de Henares?" (What time does it arrive to Alcalá?)

To find the platform where the train for Alcalá will leave from, ask: "Perdone, ¿Dónde está el andén número...? (Excuse me, where is platform number…?)
Once at the correct platform, ask: ¿Este tren va a Alcalá de Henares? (Does this train go to Alcalá de Henares?)

Arrival Salamanca

When taking the bus into Madrid: ( “Quiero bajar en la AVENIDA DE AMERICA” )

Metro (underground or subway)

Buy a metro ticket to CONDE DE CASAL by asking "un billete de metro, por favor"

At the Auto Res bus station:
To buy a ticket say: "Ida a Salamanca, por favor" ("one-way to Salamanca please").
Ask: " ¿A qué hora sale el próximo autobús para Salamanca?" (When does the next bus leave for Salamanca"),
"¿A qué hora llega a Salamanca?" ("When does it arrive to Salamanca?").

At the Train station:
Ask: "¿A qué hora sale el próximo tren para Salamanca?" ("When does the next train leave to Salamanca? ").
"¿De qué andén sale?" (What platform is it?"),
"¿A qué hora llega a Salamanca?" ("When does it arrive in Salamanca?").
To find out where the platform to Salamanca, ask: "Perdone, ¿Dónde está el andén número...?" (Where is the platform number…?").
On the platform, ask: "¿Este tren va a Salamanca?" (Does this train go to Salamanca?").

Arrival Malaga

When you get on the number 4 or 19 bus say: “Quiero un billete, por favor. ¿Me podrá avisar cuando lleguemos a la parada Paseo del Parque - Ayuntamiento?” ("One ticket, please. Could you tell me when we arrive at the Paseo del Parque - Ayuntamiento bus stop?").

Or for the Number 11 bus to Pedregalejo say: “Quiero un billete, por favor. ¿Me podrá avisar cuando lleguemos a la parada Arroyo Jabonero?” ("One ticket, please. Could you tell me when we arrive at the Arroyo Jabonero bus stop?").

Helpful hints from E.I. students who have made the trip to Malaga before you

Helpful Hint 1: When traveling from the Airport to the Paseo del Parque in the center of Malaga, the bus will pass by the bus station. This is not the end of the number 19 bus line, do not get off yet, continue on to your stop at Paseo del Parque.

Helpful Hint 2: If you make a mistake and get off at the last stop of bus line 19 instead of the next to last stop. All is not lost! Just back track on the same street aproximately 250 meters (3 or 4 minutes walking) where you will find the #11 bus stop.

Helpful Hint 3: When you get on the bus ask the driver or a fellow passenger if they can let you know when the bus arrives to the stop you want. Try out your Spanish right away. Malaga bus drivers can be friendly, but are certainly not multilingual. If you think you will get stuck, take along some phrases written down in Spanish. At least have the E.I. instructions with you with the names of the bus stops marked, or print out the useful vocabulary and phrases.

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