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Escuela Internacional Newsletter

May 2006

In this issue:

E.I. News: "New Location: Courses at Tamarindo Beach"
Summer Festivals and Holidays: "Celebrating in Spain"
E.I. News: "Spanish courses in Spain this summer"
Learning Spanish: "Vacations at the beach"
Culture: "San Isidro in Madrid"

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E.I. News: "New Location: Courses at Tamarindo Beach"


Would you like to learn to surf or sunbathe on a beach in Costa Rica this summer? Escuela Internacional has added a new destination in Tamarindo Beach so you can learn Spanish and relax during unforgettable vacations.
See more details. 


Festivals and Holidays: "Celebrate in Spain this summer"



June 12. San Juan de Sahagún. Patron Saint of Salamanca. More...

June 18. Festival of the Patron Saints of Málaga. San Ciriaco and Santa Paula. Local fair activities. More...

June 24. La Noche de San Juan. In many places in Spain they still light large bonfires to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  More...

June 29: The wine war in Haro (La Rioja) wastes thousands of gallons of delicious Rioja wine. You can see people using the bota bag as a squirt gun instead of a canteen. More...


July 7. San Fermines (Pamplona). The running of the bulls through the streets of Pamplona (Navarra). A week of nonstop wine, merrymaking and bravado. More...

The Sunday following July 16. Procesión Marítima de las Fiestas del Carmen. Málaga. Takes place in many locations along the coast, and in El Palo.  More...

July 25. Patrón de Santiago. Patron Saint of Spain and Santiago de Compostela.


Many Fiestas y Verbenas locales throughout the country, this month and into September. Concerts, fireworks, small fairgrounds and rides for kids, music and dance in many main plazas.

- Malaga: Ferias in Malaga around the 19th of August. Festive atmosphere with music, bull fights, open air concerts and foods. More...

- Alcalá de Henares: Fiestas de San Bartolomé around the 24th of August. Open air concerts, a temporary amusement park, street theater and fireworks. Special events held by each of the Peñas. More...



E.I. News: "Spanish courses in Spain this summer"


Escuela Internacional offers a variety of Spanish courses in Spain; which include intensive Spanish language courses, specialized courses, exam courses, summer Spanish courses, business Spanish and courses for Spanish Teachers.

Come to study Spanish at Escuela Internacional this summer and you can combine study with an unforgettable vacation in Spain. Living with a Spanish host family and enjoying the sun are perfect ways to spend your vacation and prepare for your future at the same time.

Make your vacation count!

Take a Spanish course this summer to learn or improve Spanish skills !

There's a lot to discover!

Summer Intensive Course
Summer Super-Intensive Spanish Course
Summer Youth Spanish course
  Spanish plus Latin Dance
Spanish plus Golf
DELE Preparation
Commercial Spanish Course 


Learning Spanish: "Vacation at the beach"

la arena
la playa
la ola

el mar
el océano
el bañador, el traje de baño
la sombrilla
el bronceador
la toalla

hacer surf
tomar el sol
el buceo, bucear

the beach

the sea
the ocean
bathing suit, swimming trunks
beach umbrella
sunscreen, suntan lotion

to surf
to swim
to sunbathe



Spanish Culture: "San Isidro In Madrid"

San Isidro. El 15 de mayo Madrid celebra su día grande con los típicos chulapos y chulapas en la verbena tomando cocido.


Comienza la temporada taurina en España con la Feria de San Isidro en la capital del país. Conozca cómo es el mundo del toro.




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