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Escuela Internacional Newsletter

May 2005

In this issue:

E.I. News: "New Residence accommodations available"
Summer Festivals and Holidays: "Celebrating in Spain"
E.I. News: "Spanish courses in Spain this summer"
Learning Spanish: "Vacations at the beach"
Culture: "Literary Figure: Carmen Martín Gaite"
Culture yesterday and today: "400th anniversary of Don Quijote de la Mancha: Cultural events in Alcalá de Henares"

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E.I. News: "New Residence Accommodations available in Alcalá de Henares"


Escuela Internacional is happy to announce that our Spanish programs in Alcalá de Henares have expanded!  Accommodations at a student residency on the campus of the Cardenal Cisneros University are now available to students who choose to study at this E.I. Spanish language school.  To learn more about the student residency, please click on this link:  http://www.escuelai.com/aloj-e-in.html#ACC5 

Taking advantage of this very unique opportunity, you can study Spanish in a professional and accredited Spanish language school, while enjoying the freedom and advantages of living in a university residence. Make friends with both international students, from many different countries, and Spanish university students, receive meals at the campus cafeteria, and use the numerous on campus facilities: indoor and outdoor courts for various sports, a new swimming pool, a library, an interior courtyard, assembly hall, and common living spaces with television and video.  Pleasant open spaces and gardens located around the residence are great for studying, relaxing, or spending time with international friends.  There is no better way to immerse yourself completely into Spanish university life.

In addition, we are now preparing the Junior Spanish Course option, which we have been successfully running for many years in Malaga and Salamanca, for this university campus in Alcala de Henares for this summer. The unique thing about this course in Alcalá de Henares is that there will be a program for Spanish youth running simultaneously onsite. So the students will be mixed with Spanish young students in social and recreational activities and in the residency. We expect a fun and fantastic learning experience for all.

Please click here for more details.


Festivals and Holidays: "Celebrate in Spain this summer"



June 12. San Juan de Sahagún. Patron Saint of Salamanca. More...

June 18. Festival of the Patron Saints of Málaga. San Ciriaco and Santa Paula. Local fair activities. More...

June 24. La Noche de San Juan. In many places in Spain they still light large bonfires to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  More...

June 29: The wine war in Haro (La Rioja) wastes thousands of gallons of delicious Rioja wine. You can see people using the bota bag as a squirt gun instead of a canteen. More...


July 7. San Fermines (Pamplona). The running of the bulls through the streets of Pamplona (Navarra). A week of nonstop wine, merrymaking and bravado. More...

The Sunday following July 16. Procesión Marítima de las Fiestas del Carmen. Málaga. Takes place in many locations along the coast, and in El Palo.  More...

July 25. Patrón de Santiago. Patron Saint of Spain and Santiago de Compostela.


Many Fiestas y Verbenas locales throughout the country, this month and into September. Concerts, fireworks, small fairgrounds and rides for kids, music and dance in many main plazas.

- Malaga: Ferias in Malaga around the 19th of August. Festive atmosphere with music, bull fights, open air concerts and foods. More...

- Alcalá de Henares: Fiestas de San Bartolomé around the 24th of August. Open air concerts, a temporary amusement park, street theater and fireworks. Special events held by each of the Peñas. More...



E.I. News: "Spanish courses in Spain this summer"


Escuela Internacional offers a variety of Spanish courses in Spain; which include intensive Spanish language courses, specialized courses, exam courses, summer Spanish courses, business Spanish and courses for Spanish Teachers.

Come to study Spanish at Escuela Internacional this summer and you can combine study with an unforgettable vacation in Spain. Living with a Spanish host family and enjoying the sun are perfect ways to spend your vacation and prepare for your future at the same time.

Make your vacation count!

Take a Spanish course this summer to learn or improve Spanish skills !

There's a lot to discover!

Summer Principal Course
Summer Intensive Spanish Course
Summer Youth Spanish course
Don Quijote Spanish Course
Spanish plus Latin Dance
Spanish plus Golf
DELE Preparation
Commercial Spanish Course 


Learning Spanish: "Vacation at the beach"

la arena
la playa
la ola

el mar
el océano
el bañador, el traje de baño
la sombrilla
el bronceador
la toalla

hacer surf
tomar el sol
el buceo, bucear

the beach

the sea
the ocean
bathing suit, swimming trunks
beach umbrella
sunscreen, suntan lotion

to surf
to swim
to sunbathe



Spanish Literature: "Carmen Martín Gaite"

She was one of the most and best awarded authors of the literary world; she obtained the Príncipe de Asturias Award in 1988 shared with the Galician poet José Ángel Valente [1929-2000], the Premio Acebo de Honor awarded to her life work, the Award Premio Castilla y León de las Letras in 1992, the Medalla de Oro del Círculo de Bellas Artes in 1997 and the Pluma de Plata del Círculo de la Escritura was given to her in June of 1999, whose ceremony was transmitted by video-conference on Internet, something without precedent in the literary world until that moment . With her essay "Usos amorosos de la posguerra española" she received the Anagrama Essay Award in 1987 and the Golden book award from the Spanish booksellers. This work increases sales of all her works, and from then on Carmen Martín Gaite's works are always among the best sellers in Spain, noting her spectacular success in the Madrid Book Fair where her work is often the most sold in the whole fair.

Biography of Carmen Martín Gaite . . .

Culture yesterday and today "400th anniversary of the Quijote: Events in Alcalá de Henares"


Alcalá de Henares City Hall: Website lists Cultural events in Alcalá de Henares related to the 400th anniversary of the publication of El Quijote http://www.quijotealcala.com/index.htm

Web Page dedicated to the events related to "Cervantes en un laberinto de luz": ..a labyrinth of light, image and shadow, which will be projected on diverse emblematic buildings of the city throughout 2005 http://www.cervantes2005.com/

An article in the online newspaper "El Mundo" which talks about  'Cervantes in a Labyrinth of light', a spectacular multimedia show of lights. Alcalá de Henares, the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, is all dressed up for this special year of Quijote. A spectacular show of lights and images projected on emblematic buildings in the historic city center allow visitors to learn about Don Quijote "El caballero de la triste figura." See some photos here.

Fundación Colegio del Rey, is a cultural organism related to the City Hall of Alcalá de Henares: On the website you can consult cultural events planned in this city.





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