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Escuela Internacional Newsletter

February 2005

In this issue:

E.I. News: "Spring Discount on Spanish courses in Spain"
Festivals and Holidays in Spring: "Easter Week and the April Fair"
E.I. News: "Learn about Spanish culture in the Escuela Internacional Website"
Learning Spanish: "Going hiking or camping"
Cities in Spain: "250 year anniversary of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca"

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E.I. News: "Spring Discount on Spanish courses in Spain"


Enjoy Spanish in Springtime with a discount on E.I. courses

¡Spring is a great season to visit Spain! Study and improve Spanish language skills in Spain with Escuela Internacional this Spring and receive a special discount.

Principal Spanish Course Start learning a new language: Spanish! Or take a course to improve your language skills. All levels.

Intensive Spanish course Take advantage of intensive Spanish classes. Learn Spanish and speak about current events and Spanish culture in your classes.

Individual Spanish course Learn Spanish with individualized classes, prepared exclusively for you.

Spanish Course + Latin dance Combine a Spanish course with dance lessons for a fun and enriching experience.

Business Spanish course With this course you will learn the Spanish language and at the same time improve communications in the business world.

DELE preparation Start now to prepare for the DELE exams, and when you pass the exam you can officially accredit you knowledge of Spanish.

See the specific dates and conditions for the Spring Discount


Festivals and Holidays in Spring: "Easter Week" and "April Fair"


Easter Week is a religious holiday with a long cultural tradition in Spain. It is celebrated in many different cities and there are numerous Spaniards and foreign tourists who join together to enjoy this traditional celebration.

Holy Week is one of the most important among the Catholic faith. The church sanctifies and renews itself through the commemoration of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.

Holy Week is celebrated in many different ways according to the character of the people and the particular traditions of the region. The austere silence of the celebrations in Castilllian towns contrasts with the light and color of the Andalusian celebration. 

More about Easter Week in Spain. . . 


La Feria de Sevilla, or April Fair in Sevilla, has its origins in a cattle fair which took place as early as the end of the 19th century. In about 1847 the first of many events which would turn into one of the most famous and visited celebrations in Spain.

La Feria begins each year with the ceremony of the lighting of the main portal to the Fair. They call this the  "ceremonia del alumbrado" or lighting ceremony. Thousands and thousands of lights are lit around the entrance.

The Fair is almost a replica of the city of Sevilla, with streets of  albero (white and yellow colored earth used in gardens of bull rings), lights, paper lanterns, and the casetas, where the people of Sevilla and thousands of visitors mix together in the happiest of diversions: singing, dancing, eating and laughing.

 More about the April Fair in Sevilla...


E.I. News: "Spanish Culture in the Escuela Internacional Website"

 Escuela Internacional's Website just keeps growing! Visit some of the places listed below and you can see more than 120 articles about Spanish culture:
  Don Quijote de la Mancha


Cities and Provinces of Spain

Holidays and Festivals


Typically Spanish

Distinguished Spaniards

Spanish cuisine

Plaza Mayor de Salamanca



Learning Spanish: "Going Hiking or Camping"

¿Hacía donde va este sendo?
¿Se puede observar animales? ¿o pájaros?
¿Es un camino muy largo?
Se ve paisaje impresionante.

¿Dondé empieza la ruta o camino?
señas o señales

Where does this path go?
Can you see animals or birds?
Is it a long walk?
You see impressive scenery

Where can I find the trailhead?
pile of stones marking trail/ trail marker
trail markers

Mapa Topografico
colina o cuesta
animales salvajes
una comida al aire libre


Topographic Map
field or countryside
wild animals

Read about an E.I. excursion: Hiking in the mountains near Madrid

Or learn more about Camping in Spain by visiting these websites:

Camping en Asturias   Camping en Castilla León   Camping en los Picos de Europa


Cities in Spain: "250 year anniversary of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca"

The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca celebrates 250 years of history in 2005. The plaza is one of the most historical and artistic spaces in the city.

To commemorate this significant date the town council has created a cultural program Salamanca 2005: Main Square of Europe. Under this framework there will be scheduled concerts, plays, dance performances, exhibitions and conferences through out the year, which will make Salamanca a popular destination in 2005. We hope you will come and take part in the celebration.

More about the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca . . .

Salamanca 2005 Plaza Mayor de Europa . . .




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