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Escuela Internacional Newsletter

March 2004

In this issue:

Festivals and Holidays: "Carnaval time in Spain"
In the News: "Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 Driver for Renault" 
Learning Spanish: "Shopping vocabulary and phrases"
City Feature: "Shopping in Salamanca"
Culture Today and Yesterday: "The Bullfight"
Tips for your Trip: "What you need to know before you leave home for a trip to Spain"

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Festivals and Holidays: "Carnaval time in Spain"

Las fiestas de Carnaval in Spain depend on the liturgical calendar, as in the rest of the world, usually taking place sometime during the month of February and centering around the week before Ash Wednesday. Although not as famous or televised in the world as the celebrations in Rio, Venice or New Orleans, Carnival time is one of Spain’s main popular festivities which is celebrated nationwide with street parades, costumes, beauty pageants, music and masks.   
Read more about Carnaval time in Spain. . . 




Escuela Internacional offers a discount of 40 € if you register for a course which begins before May 3, 2004. 


Valid for students whose course begins before May 3, 2004 (including start date of May 3, 2004).

Valid for programs in the three E.I. Centers in Spain only.

Offer is valid from today through May 3, 2004.

Not valid for students already registered in a course previous to this offer.

You must mention this offer when registering on-line. Please write in the Comments section: "I would like the discount for the Special Spring Offer seen in the March E.I. Newsletter"

You can register on-line at: http://www.escuelai.com/inscr-in.html 


In the News: "Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 driver for Renault"

Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 driver for Renault, originally from Asturias, Spain,  places third in the first race in Australia. Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and information from the 2004 FIA Formula One World Championship, as well as the exploits of team drivers Jarno Trulli, Fernando Alonso and Franck Montagny at the wheel of the Renault F1 R24, powered by the RS24 engine, during the eighteen races of the 2004 Formula 1 season.
www.fernandoalonso.com                http://www.renaultf1.com/ 


Learning Spanish: "Shopping vocabulary and phrases"

Quiero / quería ... 
una falda, un vestido, una blusa, una chaqueta
unos pantalones, un traje, una camisa
¿Puedo probarmelo?
¿Lo tiene en otro color? / otra talla?
¿Puede enseñarme algo mas?
Me gusta(n). 
Me lo llevo.
¿Cuánto cuesta? ¿Cuánto es?


I want / I would like
a skirt, a dress, a blouse, a jacket
pants, a suit, a shirt
May I try this on?
Do you have this in another color? / another size?
Can you show me something else?
I like this (these)
I'll take it.
How much does it cost? How much is it?

La dependienta

¿qué desea?
Prueba esta falda/estos pantalones
Pase a los probadores
¡Te queda bien!
¿paga en metalico o con tarjeta?

The store clerk

Can I help you?
Try this skirt / these pants
Here is the dressing room
That looks great on you!
Are you going to pay in cash or with a credit card?


City Feature: "Shopping in Salamanca"

The city has a central area with stores and shops of all kinds and the following are some suggestions for a day out ... shopping in Salamanca . . .

Culture Today and Yesterday: "The Bullfight"

The bull fight has been a representative part of Spanish culture for years. The bullfight as it is known and enjoyed today began to take place in the 18th century, but the true protagonist is the “toro”. For an explanation of what exactly goes on in a bullfight we must enter into a world of tems and tecnicalities of which the outsider may not be acustomed. To start with, each bull fight afternoon typically includes 6 bulls and 3 bullfighters participate.
More details about bullfighting


Tips for your Trip: "What you need to know before you leave home for a Spanish course in Spain"

There is more to preparing your trip to Spain than just purchasing an airline ticket and packing a suitcase. There are many details to arrange beforehand and it is always a good idea to plan ahead. This section has information about things you need to consider before leaving on your trip.
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