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Escuela Internacional Newsletter

August 2005

In this issue:

E.I. News: "Fall / Winter Spanish Course offers"
Festivals and Holidays: "Celebrate in Spain"
E.I. News: "E.I. Students Share your story"
Learning Spanish: "Classroom Phrases"
Culture: "Juan Carlos I: King of Spain"

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E.I. News: "Fall / Winter Spanish Course offers"


Take advantage of Fall / Winter Course offers to visit Spain and study Spanish. Savings of 10 % off selected course prices.

New combination course in Multiple cities lets you explore three different regions of Spain and guarantees an adventure abroad.


Festivals and Holidays: "Celebrate in Spain"

September 8. Salamanca celebrates it's biggest festival throughout the city: The Ferias de Virgin de la Vega
start on September 8th with activities for children, traditional dances, a temporary amusement park, theater, open air concerts and fireworks. More information...

Week of October 9: Jornadas Culturales Cervantinas (Alcalá de Heanres) Celebrating the times of Miguel de Cervantes Alcalá de Henares features medieval marketplace and theater, music and more. The Semana Cervantina brings history to life as the streets of Alcalá transform themselves into a scene from the 16th century. Browse the Mercado del Quijote where vendors, dressed in traditional costumes, sell artisan goods from Cervantes' time.  More information...

October 12 Dia del Pilar - The most important festival in Zaragoza is the "Dia del Pilar" held on October 12 each year. in honor of the patron saint of the city. It is also a National Holiday in Spain determined the "Dia de Hispanidad" celebrating Columbus' discovery of America on October 12, 1492. La jota, a traditional dance in Aragon region is seen during the weeks of the festival  There is also a spectacular offering a flowers to the Virgen of Pilar at the entrance to the Church during the festival More information...


E.I. News: "E.I. Students: Share your story"

You traveled to Spain and had a great time studying Spanish with Escuela Internacional and exploring Spanish culture and life in Spain.  Take the time to share your experiences with past and future E.I. students through the E.I. Newsletter.

E.I. Alcala student Brad Huff shared his Spanish cycling story with us.

E.I. student Maya Damon shared her story of Matavenero, a small village in the mountains of Leon

Tell us about your special experience in traveling abroad with E.I. Or tell us how the Spanish you learned in Spain is helping you to achieve your goals back in your home country.

If we publish your story in the Newsletter or on the Website we'll send you an E.I. Spain T-shirt.

Send your article to info@escuelai.com with "Share your story" as the subject.


Learning Spanish: "Classroom phrases"

¿Cómo se deletrea . . .?

¿Puedes hablar más despacio, por favor?

¿Cómo se pronuncia . . .?

¿Puedes repetir?
How do you spell . . .?

Can you speak more slowly, please?

How do you pronounce . . . ?

Can you say that again, please?




Spanish Culture: "Juan Carlos I: King of Spain"

Learn about the Spanish Monarchy. Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain (from 1975 to date) who after 25 years reigning the country, has managed to bring about the peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy, survive an intended coup d'etat and solidify a Parliamentary Monarchy of democratic character. This article explains more about Juan Carlos I King of Spain. . .


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