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Escuela Internacional Newsletter

December 2004

In this issue:

Festivals and Holidays: "Christmas in Spain"
E.I. School News: "December discount on 2005 Course programs" 
E.I. School News: "Share your Photos" 
Learning Spanish: "Christmas Holidays"
Culture Today and Yesterday: "Flamenco in Malaga"
Excursions in Spain: "Sigüenza" 


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Festivals and Holidays: "Christmas in Spain"


Soon the changes will begin to happen. The streets will be beautifully lit, store windows will display all kinds of holiday merchandise and curious and interesting gifts, and friends and family will gather in city centers dressed in thick winter coats, hats and scarves, to combat the chilly December nights. In Spain, there will be an extra dose of good spirit felt in the streets, and all of this can only mean one thing, that Christmas is just around the corner.
Spain’s traditions during the Christmas season revolve around many of the same activities as in the rest of the world. Just like anywhere else, families and friends in Spain gather together to enjoy and celebrate. Whatever the case the goal is to enjoy a few moments and to share in the spirit of giving, kindness, and goodwill.

In Spain, Christmas has its very unique characteristics with beautiful traditions and customs that reflect the true character of the Spanish people.

Read more about Christmas in Spain

Christmas Carols in Spanish


E.I. School News: "December Discount"

Special Holiday Offer - No Enrollment Fee in December

  • We will discount the usual inscription fee of 65 € from all enrollments received between December 1 to December 31, 2004.

  • This offer is good for courses that begin at any time during 2005.

  • Enrollments must be received on or before December 31, 2004.

  • Offer good for course programs at our schools in Spain only.

Holiday offer details

Spanish Courses in Spain


E.I. School News: "Share your photos"

Share your photos for the E.I. Photo Album 2004! 

Guidelines for E.I. students submitting photographs

Any current or former student who has studied at any of EI Spanish schools in Spain or Latin America can submit photos.

You may send 1 or 2 photos in digital format.

By sending your photo you give Escuela Internacional permission to display your photos on our Web site or publish in other printed media.

Please make sure that your image file is in a common JPG  or TIF format and a resolution of 800 x 600.  Please limit file size to less than 1 mb.  

Please send photos as an attached file to your message, one photo per message please. Send to fotos@escuelai.com In the subject line put one of these categories which best describes your photo.

  • Friends

  • Accommodations

  • Courses/the school

  • Excursions/Activities

  • Others

In the message please describe your photo, send an interesting caption, and identify where you took the photo and the approximate date.

And don't forget to send us contact details so we can let you know when we publish your photos!


Learning Spanish: "Christmas Holidays"

Feliz Navidad
el espíritu navideño
Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas
the Christmas spirit
Feliz Año Nuevo
New Years Eve
Happy New Year
Las vacaciones de Navidad Christmas holidays
el Día de Reyes 6th January Three Kings Day (the day when presents are traditionally given in Spain)
los Reyes Magos
Baltasar, Gaspar, Melchor
la cabalgata de los Reyes Magos
The Three Kings (three wise men)
Balthasar, Gaspar, Melchior
the procession of the three kings.  This is a parade held on 5th of January.
el Dïa de los Santos Inocentes 28th December (similar to April Fool's Day)
regalo de Navidad Christmas present
adornos de Navidad Christmas decorations
arbol de Navidad, abeto Christmas tree
el belén o nacimiento Nativity scene
flor de Pascua poinsettia
un villancico Christmas carol
un roscón de reyes a large, round bun baked for the 6th of January with candied fruits.  Inside is hidden small gifts or coins.
Turrón a typical Spanish nougat candy eaten at Christmas
mazapán marzipan
polvorones traditional Christmas sweet made with almonds.
la misa del gallo Midnight mass (literally "mass of the rooster".  It is called this because it is said that the only time a rooster crowed at midnight was on the day that Jesus was born.)

Christmas Word Search

Try your hand at finding these Spanish Christmas words,
just click above to open and print the page!
(In Spanish this type of puzzle is called "sopa de letras")


Culture Today and Yesterday: "Flamenco in Malaga"

To say the word "Flamenco" brings to mind many different images and sensations.  Flamenco.  Flamenco is a word with many layers and complexities.  Flamenco in Málaga is only one of many variations of the dance and music that exists in the region of Andalucia in Southern Spain. In order to talk about the Flamenco of Málaga, one must recognize the musician Juan Breva.  Born Antonio Ortega Escalona in the year 1844 in Veléz-Málaga, he dedicated his life to music, and transformed the folk music and dance of his village into Flamenco of Málaga.

The roots of Flamenco, the sounds and movements that are unique to this Andalusian art form, are very much still alive today. Flamenco has withstood the test of time, and continues to reflect the traditions of the extremely rich Andalusian culture and its people.

Read more about Flamenco in Malaga


Excursions in Spain: "Sigüenza "

Sigüenza is proud to be a beautiful and inviting city, enriched by the passing of time though it seems that time has not altered its medieval character. The city conserves its medieval structure which invites the visitor to stroll through the winding streets of the city contemplating interesting monuments and visiting shops filled with local artisan crafts. You definitely must visit the Plaza Mayor, the Medieval cathedral and the castle at the highest point of the city. 

To read more about Sigüenza click here


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