Learn Spanish with Escuela Internacional

A message to other students at graduation ceremony at E.I.

I am going to begin this speech with a little anecdote.  Three days before my trip to Málaga to begin my studies with Escuela Internacional, a friend invited me to a wedding.  I agreed to go, because I love weddings and receptions, and there is always a wonderful banquet after the ceremony.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly that evening, and while I was there, I met many people.  I was speaking with a friend of the groom, and commenting to him of my imminent departure to Spain.  This person, who had travelled quite a bit, gave me some advice.  “Take full advantage of your time there” he said,  “You are going to learn many things, not just Spanish.  When you come back here, you won’t be the same person.”  At that moment, I began to laugh.  I never imagined the truth that lay behind his words.

From the very first day that I arrived at Escuela Internacional, I met many new friends from many different countries in Europe.  To list a few, I have met Cecilia, Silvio, and Delphine, three wonderful friends from France.  I have also met Lucía, a professor at the school who has made an impact on my way of seeing many different things in life, and with whom I now share many common opinions on diverse important topics.

While I was thinking about this speech, and of the message that I would like to impart with my audience, I tried to recollect all of the experiences that I have had since I have been in Málaga.  Above all, I am reminded of all of the people who I have met here at the school.  I want to say to you that, by studying with Escuela Internacional, you have a special opportunity, and my advice is that you take full advantage of it.  Go out at night, and get to know the people of Málaga, speak in Spanish with other students at the school, and you will be surprised by how many things you can learn in just two weeks.  If, on the contrary, you return, like I will, to your country at the end of this week, remember what I tell you when you are back home, “Each person has the capacity to profoundly impact your life, if you travel with the idea of learning new and different things”.  If it saddens you to leave Escuela Internacional and Málaga, you will realize that something much deeper than simply learning Spanish has occurred, that you have also had the opportunity to meet special people that you will never forget.

Above all, I would like to thank all of my professors.  You cannot imagine the impact that you have had on me.  You have given me something very special, and you have done the same for all students who have passed through this school.  As I have said before, you cannot imagine the influence that you have made on us, and for that I want to tell you… ¡ Muchas gracias!

Nicole McGovern, USA