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Spanish Courses in Spain

Spanish Course for Healthcare Professionals

Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Duration: 3 weeks
Number of Students: from 10 to 30 depending on the subject.
Location: Salamanca

General Characteristics - Prices - Requirements
Contents - Course Program
Easter Week - Accommodations - Travel

E.I. has created this Spanish Course for Healthcare Professionals to answer the growing demand for relevant knowledge of Spanish amongst doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. It is oriented towards improving students basic vocabulary related to healthcare, so that they can communicate respectfully and effectively with Spanish speaking patients and their families.

Course Dates:   Summer


General Characteristics of the Course:


The course will last for 3 weeks, Monday through Friday, a total of 70 hours of class time to be given.


The number of students per class could vary from 10 to 30 depending on the subject and activity.


Distribution of the class hours:
First week: 20 hours of Spanish with vocabulary related to health. In this first stage of the course instruction will be given in Spanish with reference material that contains English translations.
Second and thirds weeks: 20 hours a week of general Spanish plus 5 hours a week centered on vocabulary and the practice of Spanish for health and medicine. For the general Spanish classes students will be mixed with other international students according to each student’s level in immersion lessons where only Spanish will be spoken.


The teachers hold degrees in Spanish philology or are practicing health professionals.




The students may have some knowledge of Spanish or be beginners. If a student is having trouble understanding the lessons, they can solicit individual lessons (not included in the price) for reinforcement and help in reaching the level of their classmates.

The lessons will be both theoretical and practical, making special emphasis on communication.

With the purpose in mind to make the classes as realistic as possible, students will realize workshop, simulations and role playing exercises, they’ll read medical texts, complete medical documents, and use images and video relating to health.

One or two visits to healthcare centers in the city will be made.


Practice and perfection of Spanish language.

Grammar, reading, writing and conversation in Spanish:
. Verb conjugation, use of grammar concepts, word and sentence structures, correction of pronunciation and intonation.
. Reading and writing in Spanish, frequently used general vocabulary, forming words, different types of texts.
. Conversation: normal situations from everyday life, Spanish cultural considerations, current events, debates.

Exercises and practice of communication specific to healthcare.

  • Medical vocabulary and terminology
    . Parts of the body
    . Common medical instruments
    . Medical Expressions

  • Attention to the patient:
    . Admission and taking a patient’s history
    . Diagnosis and treatment
    . Surgery
    . Trauma

  • General knowledge about the system of national health
    . Medicine, nursing and other medical studies in Spain
    . The system of public healthcare in Spain.


Themes for Conversation:

  • In addition to the topics included in the course program, teachers and students may propose topics to discuss in class, for example: medical and nursing studies in Spain, and healthcare techniques, private healthcare and hospitals in Spain.


Visits to a Medical Center:

  • Students will make one or two visits to medical centers in Salamanca. The day and time will depend on the availability of the personnel at each of the centers to be visited.


Visit to Madrid:

  • It may be possible to travel to Madrid for a Saturday excursion to visit the city and possibly visit a medical center or hospital there.



Accommodation is provided in Host Families with meals provided in this package. We highly recommend that students for this course opt for staying with a host family for the most realistic immersion into Spanish culture and practice of the language.


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