Scholarship - University Credits

The possibility to receive university credit for attending E.I. courses is available to groups and to individual students.

If you are the coordinator of a group, you can request a program with credits by contacting the Marketing Department of Escuela Internacional with the aim of constructing a tailor-made program which will complement the academic formation of your students.

If you are an individual student who wishes to study at E.I. and are interested in receiving university credit, you should request this when you enroll. At the same time, we recommend that you consult the International Programs Department of your university, or whichever corresponding department that would decide about the transfer of credits, about the possibility of obtaining credits through the Spanish program presented in our catalogue. Universities usually need ample information to make the decision about providing transfer credit, as well as the amount of credit to be given for the course. This is why we have prepared a detailed description of the programs, course content and teacher qualifications, which is available to interested university personnel.

We have complete versions of this material in the E.I. offices which can be provided to university personnel who will make the decision about the possibility of transfer credit for these types of programs.

Another way to earn credits is working with Eastern Washington University. EWU is one of the many universities that already grants credits to their student for attending our courses. EWU also has a process that allows non-EWU students to acquire transfer credits for some of our courses. Please contact us for more information.

Here are some of the universities that have accepted our courses for university academic credit:

We invite universities and other schools to contact us about granting credit to their students who attend E.I. Courses or bringing groups to Spain.